Join the Bayswater SES Bike Team

Have an interest in cycling? Bayswater SES also has a bike team.

Open to all Bayswater SES members, the bike team is often used in urban area searches. Basic bike riding skills, SES induction and an interest in cycling are the only pre requisites - you will be taught the rest. The Unit even has bikes for you to use if you don't have your own.

The bike team rides regularly on Tuesday nights for about 2 hours. The training is varied and interesting, and includes local area rides, maintenance and search training, velodrome rides, exploring in the Hills and even a yearly Munda Biddi Trail overnighter.

We try to build all bike team members up to a level where they can do the basic maintenance on their bike and can ride for a several hours as part of a search team.

Contact the Unit for more information