Join the Bayswater SES Bike Team

Do you have an interest in cycling? Bayswater SES also operates a Search Bike Team

Open to all Bayswater SES members, the Search Bike Team is often deployed to conduct missing persons searches in Perth metro area. Search Bike Teams operate autonomously in search sectors under the direction of Search Commanders.

The Unit maintains mountain bikes specifically kitted for search operations. To join the team the only pre-requisites are an interest in cycling and commitment to be part of the team. New members are taught basic bike riding skills, bike maintenance, search techniques and teamwork.

The Bike Team conducts monthly training rides for about 2 hours. Training will vary and include mock exercises, advanced bike skills, navigation, maintenance and search skills and emergency response and is aimed at building the competence, resilience and efficiency of the team. In addition, the Bayswater SES Bike Team is often requested to provide support for community events.

Bayswater SES is always looking for new members who are keen to include the search Bike Team as part of the SES Search & Rescue duties.

Contact the Unit for more information